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Commissioner Terms & Procedures

Commissioner Terms
The term of each Commissioner is three (3) years, with one third of the terms expiring each year.

Procedure for Commissioner Nomination
Nominees for Commissioner are made from the floor at the Annual Meeting of the General Membership.

Commissioner Vacancies
(a) If any Lummi Indian Natural Resources Commissioner shall die, resign, or move outside the boundaries of Whatcom County, or shall be found guilty of a felony, or a misdemeanor involving dishonesty in any Indian, State, or Federal court, a vacancy in his office shall automatically be created.

(b) If any Commissioner fails to participate in three (3) regular meetings without good cause, therefore not actively representing the membership, then his/her position may be declared vacant by a vote of six (6) other Commissioners. The challenged Commissioner shall be notified by mail and shall have the privilege of a grievance hearing before a meeting of the Lummi Indian Fish & Game Commissioners.

Commissioner Recall Procedures
(a) The Lummi Natural Resources Commissioners may, by majority vote, initiate the recall of any Commissioner for neglect of duty or gross misconduct. A special meeting of the general membership shall be called by the Commissioners for that purpose after the Commissioners shall have given at least ten (10) days written notice to the person being recalled of the reason for recall. At that meeting the Commissioner being recalled shall be given an opportunity to answer all charges.

(b) A petition signed by 25 voters of general membership can call a special meeting for the purpose of recalling a commissioner. The petition shall recite the acts of neglect of duty or gross misconduct for which the recall is sought.

(c) A Commissioner shall be recalled by a vote of 2/3 of the general membership present and voting at a special meeting called to discuss that recall, and a vacancy shall automatically be created.

Filling a Commissioner Vacancy

Upon determination by the Commissioners that a Commissioner position is vacant, the remaining Commissioners at their next regular or special meeting shall appoint a person qualified to fill the office until the next general membership meeting, at which time a successor shall be elected for the remainder of the unexpired term.

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