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Lummi Fisheries and Natural Resources Commission Officers

The Commissioners shall hold their first official meeting at the conclusion of the Annual General Membership Meeting to nominate and elect a CHAIR, VICE-CHAIR, AND SECRETARY/TREASURER. No official business shall be conducted until the officer positions are filled.

The quorum for a Commissioners meeting shall be four (4) Commissioners. If the CHAIR and the VICE-CHAIR are both absent, the attending Commissioners shall designate another Commissioner to chair the meeting.

The Chair shall:
(a) Preside over all the meetings of the Commissioners,

(b) Call all meetings of the Commissioners and the Commission,

(c) Sign all approved minutes of meetings over which he or she presides,

(d) Serve as judge of elections,

(e) Perform all duties required of a presiding officer, and

(f) Supervise the execution of tasks identified during Commissioner’s meetings.

In the absence or in the event of the disability of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall serve in place of the Chair.

The Secretary/treasurer shall:
(a) Keep minutes of all meetings and provide a copy within ten days to each Commissioner and sign all approved minutes.

(b) Supervise the maintenance of the Commission’s membership roll by the Lummi Natural Resources Department.

(c) Call and notify the Commissioners of submittal of petitions from the general membership and ensure the presiding officer sets a specific date and time to address the contents therein.

(d) Serve as custodian of records of all property of accounts held by the Commission.

(e) Be held responsible for the integrity and completeness of all accounting.

(f) Receive and disburse all funds of the Commission. Disbursements require a completed task form for a task approved in a Commissioners meeting and signed by the Chair and/or the Secretary/Treasurer. All procedures for receiving and disbursing funds shall be agreed between the Commission and the Council. All income and disbursements shall be reported into the minutes of the next regular meeting.

(g) Make a full oral or written report on the financial status of the Commission accounts to the Commissioners and the Council each month.

(h) Compile other such reports as required by the tribal council and commission or membership.

Commissioners Meetings
(a) The Chair (or in his absence, the Vice-Chair or designee) shall call all the meetings (special, regular, and annual).

(b) Special meetings shall be called by six (6) or more Commissioners if the Chair fails to act upon the request.

(c) The Commission shall meet on the last Thursday of each month.

(d) All special meetings will require notice to the Commissioners by telephone or personal message.

Accounting and Auditing
All income and disbursements by the Commission shall be through the LIBC under the authorization of the Secretary/Treasurer and the Chair or designee approved by the Commission. Audit of the accounts of the Commission shall be according to the normal LIBC practices.

Fiscal Operating Year
The official year shall begin on the first day of JANUARY of each year and end on the last day of DECEMBER of the same year.

Available Documents

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