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Fisheries Biologist I

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Fisheries Biologist I
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This is an entry level professional position for the Stock Assessment Division. This is a leadership position which includes some responsibilities needed to lead a field project. Principal duties vary by project but generally include field sampling planning and implementation, supervising field crews, troubleshooting equipment or sampling problems, leading or assisting in data management, and assisting with reporting. Projects encompass a variety of fish and shellfish species and involve a range of sampling methods. Projects include: spawning ground surveys, line transect shellfish sampling, zooplankton net sampling, juvenile salmon screw traps, beach seines, purse seines, crab larvae light traps, crap/shrimp pots, and juvenile salmon trawls. Other studies may include hydro acoustic devices, internal or external tags, electronic tablets, or other control devices. Work is performed from skiffs with outboards, on foot with protective gear, or from larger fishing or research vessels. This position is under the direct supervision of the SA Manager and Fisheries Biologist III, depending on the specific project. Incumbent must be a responsible and independent worker who is highly organized. Incumbent must possess leadership qualities, problem solving and communication skills. A key trait will be the ability to adapt to new technologies, including use of electronic notebooks for data entry in the field and transfer to appropriate databases. Work schedules will vary and include working nights and on week-ends as the field project requires. Work may at times result in exposure to adverse weather conditions and may require physical stamina.

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