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Drug Interdiction Officer 

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Drug Interdiction Officer 
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Position is equal to Patrol Officer reporting to the Detective Sergeant. This full- time criminal drug Interdiction position to investigate all manner and type of crimes committed within the exterior boundaries of the Lummi Indian Reservation beyond and including the responsibilities of the Patrol Officer. The employee occupying this position will report to the Detective Sergeant for direction in daily activities. Coordinate with all Sergeants as necessary and direct patrol officers when necessary to further an investigation. The Drug Interdiction Officer interviews and interrogates victims, witnesses, suspects, prisoners, and all persons involved with a case. The Drug Interdiction Officer investigates, prepares and serves search and arrest warrants, effects arrests of suspects and prepares written reports and correspondence. The Drug Interdiction Officer follows up with victims and witnesses to prepare them for court, gathers and secures evidence, testifies in court concerning his observations, decisions, and actions. The Drug Interdiction Officer is expected to be available to effectively work surveillance, covert and undercover operations with little supervision and with other agencies when appropriate, as cases demand. In cases where the Drug Interdiction Officer is the primary investigator of a case the investigator will be present with the Lummi Nation Prosecutor and/or Federal Agent or Prosecutor during the duration of the trial, and important hearings throughout the prosecution of the case. The employee occupying the position of this class is responsible for the protection of life and property through enforcement of Lummi Code of Laws, Titles 5, 6, and other Tribal Codes, RCW codes, and Federal statutes and laws; rendering emergency assistance to the public in a wide variety of situations; patrolling residential, rural and business areas of the Lummi Indian Reservation, performing standard crime prevention; identifying and recovering stolen property; investigating crime; and deciding whether to arrest or not, as well as when to use force or firearms. Law enforcement involves personal danger and the employee must exercise individual judgment and discretion in meeting emergencies and enforcing ordinances and laws. Other duties include conducting the complete investigation of crimes, and attending court for civil traffic and criminal cases.

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