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Fisheries Biologist III (Harvest Management)

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Fisheries Biologist III (Harvest Management)
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The Fisheries Biologist III is a profession level position that serves as a senior staff natural resource specialist and will be assigned projects that are a high priority for the Lummi Natural Resource (LNR) Department. Under the direction of LNRs Fisheries Harvest Manager, the Fisheries Biologist will work to fulfill the Lummi Indian Business Councils (LIBC) long-term objective of providing Lummi fishers the opportunity to earn a moderate living from fishing while fulfilling ceremonial and subsistence harvest needs. The Fisheries Biologist will manage the technical components of LNRs finfish harvest operations (for salmon, steelhead, halibut, herring, hooligans, etc) in a manner consistent with existing tribal harvest and resource protection objectives and policies, domestic and international agreements, and legal and regulatory frameworks. This position will work collaboratively with LNRs Stock Assessment division in the analysis of salmon life history parameters and will coordinate with technical representatives from domestic and international agencies on issues related to the management of finfish species. This position requires extensive knowledge in salmon biology and management, as well as a familiarity with tribal fishing rights. This position will receive health and retirement benefits, in addition to paid sick leave and annual leave.

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