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Patrol Sergeant 

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Patrol Sergeant 
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The Patrol Sergeant is the First Line Supervisor for the Patrol Division of the Lummi Nation Police Department, which is responsible for general law enforcement, crime prevention and investigation work governed by Title 9, Lummi Nation Code of Laws, Law Enforcement Officers Code. The Patrol Sergeant is responsible for all duties and responsibilities of the Police Officer, in addition to being a First Line Supervisor. The employee occupying the position of this class is responsible for the protection of life and property through enforcement of Lummi Code of Laws, Titles 5, 6, and other Tribal Codes, statutes and laws; rendering emergency assistance to the public in a wide variety of situations; patrolling residential, rural and business areas of the Lummi Indian Reservation, performing standard crime and accident prevention; identifying and recovering stolen property; investigating traffic accidents and crime; and deciding whether to arrest or not, as well as when to use force or firearms. Law enforcement involves personal danger and the employee must exercise individual judgment and discretion in meeting emergencies and enforcing ordinances and laws. Other duties include conducting the complete investigation of crimes and attending court for civil traffic and criminal cases.

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