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Project Director 
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The Project Director for Lummi Counseling Services CCBHC Grant is a senior level management position that oversees the development, implementation and sustainability of the goals and objectives of the CCBHC Grant. The Project Director will fulfill administrative duties of the grant and meet with team members of the Lummi Counseling Services, Lummi Healing Spirit Clinic OTP and Lummi Behavioral Health Departments to retain and address client’s co-occurring medical and behavioral health needs. The Lummi CCBHC Grant’s focus is to encourage community members suffering from co-occurring medical and behavioral health issues to seek treatment in a culturally sensitive way. The Project Director will inform the community of the holistic wrap around services available for community members suffering from co-occurring conditions. Critical to this position is knowledge of chemical dependency and mental health services and related systems, with knowledge of issues that affect people suffering from co-occurring conditions in the Lummi community. The position also requires a broad range of communication skills, including skill in public presentations. The position is also responsible for hands-on knowledge of the LCS CCBHC budget, ensuring that budget decisions are reasonable and strategically advance the CCBHC Grant goals, objectives, and outcomes across the Lummi Nation. The position also requires consistent review of program benchmarks and program data as part of data-driven decision making and to ensure that outcome data is integrated into service delivery. The Project Director LCS CCBHC Grant is responsible for the direct supervision and ongoing professional development of the staff and contractors related to this grant. 

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