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Ekwsale Ngos

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Ekwsale Ngos
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Under the direct supervision of Xwlemi'chosen Director, Lummi Language Ekwsale Ngos shall coordinate and teach Xwlemi language and culture based class/program that focuses on increasing student knowledge our Schelangen and support community language learning and to support teaching services of Xwlemi'chosen for Xwlemi' elhtalngexw. This position shall be full-time and flextime is optional based upon annual approved budget levels for language division. U qweshenet-lh e tse texw ekw-nachewech tse mekw skweyel. Tse snehanget e tse nexwlemi elhtalngexw. uqweshenet-lh tse xaxa tengexw e tse mekw elhtalngexw chse alhe tie xwlemi. i tlel ekwost tse snepeneq e sqile-st e tse mekw shench tse cheeweng kweyel-se. qweshenet e tse xwlemi elhtalngexw tse schelangen e tse kweyel-se. seit u tli e tse elhtalngexwqen. ni yesost e tse snehanget e tse xwlemi elhtalgnexw, tse sxwole, tse schiaq, tse emnieng, mekw stang. Yesosteng e tse soyeq, yesosteng e tse emnieng itlel e tse esqaplh, chiselqen e tse yesost e tse selalexw-le tse qweshenet, i nepeteng e tse eng-inges-se.

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