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Child Protection Services (CPS) Social Worker I **Re-Advertise** 

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Child Protection Services (CPS) Social Worker I **Re-Advertise** 
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The future of the Lummi Nation depends on the wellness and education of our children, in both the western sense, and in accordance with Lummi culture. The Lummi Child Welfare Program is charged with a legal obligation in Title 8 of the Lummi Code of Laws to investigate complaints that Lummi children and children in the Lummi community may not be safe and/or properly cared for. Child Welfare employees are responsible for performing this legal duty. The Child Protection Services Social Worker (CPS Social Worker) has primary responsibility for investigating reports that Lummi children and other children in the Lummi Community may be in need of protection, in accordance with Title 8 of the Lummi Code of Laws. The CPS Social Worker must conduct all investigations with utmost respect for Lummi Culture and traditions and be able to communicate with the Lummi People in a way that demonstrates a working knowledge of the cultural norms. This broad intervention responsibility is often coordinated with the Lummi Nation Police Department, the Washington State Department of Children Youth and Families, and Federal Bureau of Investigation. The CPS Social Worker is expected to professionally carry out all necessary duties and testify as necessary, as a fact witness and/or as an expert witness, in either Lummi, State of Washington, or US District courts. The CPS Social Worker also works closely with Child Welfare Social Workers, to transfer cases from investigation to ongoing case management, and to assist other Social Workers with locating and communicating with parents and care givers. A CPS Social Worker I must complete a structured orientation training. The position of CPS Social Worker is an essential service to the Lummi People and so requires a CPS Social Worker to be available for on-call service at all hours. This type of work is subject to an element of personal danger, when working in the field.

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