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Licensed Mental Health Provider/Crisis Supervisor **Re-Advertise** 

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Licensed Mental Health Provider/Crisis Supervisor **Re-Advertise** 
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Job Summary
The incumbent will be assigned to the Lummi Behavioral Health Division as a Licensed Mental Health Provider and Crisis Manager. As a Mental Health Provider the incumbent will assess for and provide individual and group mental health services to native community members. This Provider will also follow all guidelines as outlined in the Behavioral Health Manual. The incumbent may be tasked to work in a number of areas where mental health services are being provided to adults, adolescents, and children and to respond to clients in crisis within the community. In addition to their mental health counseling responsibilities the Licensed Mental Health Provider will also have responsibilities as a Crisis Supervisor. This will include being the primary clinician responding to clients in crisis and will include supervisory tasks for Certified Peer Counselors. The Provider will be employed as a salaried employee within the Lummi Indian Business Council. This position requires the provider to be flexible with work hours based on the services needed within the Lummi Nation.

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