Lummi Nation

We are the Lhaq'temish, the Lummi People. We are the original inhabitants of Washington's northernmost coast and southern British Columbia. For thousands of years, we worked, struggled and celebrated life on the shores and waters of Puget Sound.

We are fishers, hunters, gatherers, and harvesters of nature's abundance. We envision our homeland as a place where we enjoy an abundant, safe, and healthy life in mind, body, society, environment, space, time and spirituality; where all are encouraged to succeed and none are left behind.

Inclement Weather Info

Downed Trees and Frozen Pipes - Teresa Bumatay - (360)595-4999

Transportation to Cold Weather Shelter (within Reservation) - Simona Phair - (360)746-9305

Shelter Needs / Questions - Shante Jackson - (360)594-1535

To be added to Lummi Commodity Foods Homebound List - Chris Cultee Sr. - (360)927-4296

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