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Support Services Assistant  **Re-Advertise**

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Support Services Assistant  **Re-Advertise**
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The Support Services Assistant will perform in a team environment to accomplish a variety of functions associated with the operations of the Police Department, especially reception and telephone communication with visitors, other agency officials, and the public. Special emphasis is placed upon customer service, and communication with visitors, phone calls coming into the Police Department, and assisting Support Services personnel with various functions. The Support Services Assistant acts as first point of contact for citizens by telephone and in person, to a diverse group of citizens including victims, offenders and the mentally ill. The Support Services Assistant is responsible for referring to the Support Services Supervisor or the Sergeant on duty, in prioritizing emergent and non-emergent calls and walk-in traffic. Work is performed extensively at a computer workstation with periods of prolonged sitting. Station is often shared with other staff. Environment includes a normal range of noise and other distractions working around standard office equipment. Employees are often subjected to extremely disturbing and sensitive dialogue, materials, and photographs. Employee will encounter a diverse public who may be frightened, diseased, volatile, or mentally disturbed, or under the influence of mind-altering substances. This is often associated with frequently chaotic and intensely demanding time-sensitive situations. Employee may be exposed to paperwork that may be soiled from a crime scene or pest infestation.

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