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Foster Care License **Re-Advertise** 

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Foster Care License **Re-Advertise** 
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The future of the Lummi Nation depends on the wellness and education of our children, in both the western sense, and in accordance with Lummi culture. Lummi Child Welfare is responsible for ensuring children who are in the care of the Lummi Nation are properly and lovingly cared for and educated. To better meet the needs of Lummi families who are helping care for, love, and parent children who are in the care of the Lummi Nation, the Lummi Child Welfare Program licenses couples, and individuals as Foster Parents. The Foster Care Licensor assists families and individuals in the Lummi community to apply and qualify for a Lummi Nation Foster Care License. The Foster Care Licensor recruits and educates families and individuals about the opportunity to become a Foster Parent for children in the Care of the Nation. The Foster Care Licensor arranges all required training, and provides some of the trainings, required of Foster Parents. The Foster Care Licensor conducts background checks and home studies for evaluating the fitness of potential Foster Parents and fees paid to Lummi Nation for Borrowed Beds. The Foster Care Licensor also works with representatives from the State of Washington to coordinate Foster Care payments to licensed Foster Parents. The Foster Care Licensor is required to attend train-the-trainer events that may be in out-of-state locations. The Foster Care Licensor is expected to use excellent judgment and communication skills in recruiting and approving applications for licensing. Child Welfare work can be a high stress work environment, which requires excellent coping skills and self-care habits.

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