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Lhaqtemish Foundation

The Lhaq’temish Foundation, Tribally Charted Non-profit since 1997; the foundation and its board determined the mission statement:

Press Release - 5.31.2022
 Nilh Xwenang Tse Schelangen Este Nexw Xwlemi (this is our way of life in Lummi) - a healthy, giving, and prosperous community to strengthen our people through cultural, social, and economic abundance.

Mini Paddle to Lummi 2019 - video

Lummi Nation Community Contributions

LNCC Application 2020 Due 12/31/2020 - CLOSED

Friends & Family: The Lummi Nation Community Contributions (LNCC) Application is now open and available until December 31, 2020. Applications will only be accepted electronically via email. Please send them directly to CLOSED

Direct all questions about your application to the Lummi Indian Business Council Treasurer's office (360) 312-2142 or email

Lhaq'temish Foundation


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