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LNR Natural Resources Grants Assistant 

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LNR Natural Resources Grants Assistant 
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Under the direction of the Natural Resources Grants Manager, the incumbent will coordinate with LNR Division Managers, LIBC Funding Office, OMB, Contracting and Accounting Departments to administer awarded grant funds, process grant contracts with funding agencies, assist with grant applications and contracts, and ensure for compliant and timely expenditure of grant funds. The Natural Resources Grants Assistant is a natural resources administration position that serves as administrative support to the LNR Division Managers under the direction of the LNR Natural Resources Grants Manager. The incumbent provides the necessary capacity to help meet Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) Treaty reserved rights to hunt, gather, and harvest within the Nations Usual and Accustomed Areas per the Point Elliot treaty of 1855, including the LIBC established interim goal of mid- 1980s salmon harvest towards a moderate living from fishing through hatchery production per LIBC resolution 2015-042. To support the interim salmon harvest goal, the LIBC directed the Lummi Natural Resources Department to expedite salmon habitat restoration actions per the LIBC South Fork Nooksack Chinook Disaster Declaration RESO 2021- 159 to avoid a repeat of the 2021 salmon mortality event where 2,500+ South Fork Nooksack Chinook died because of degraded habitat and adverse effects of climate change.

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