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Water Resources Manager 

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Water Resources Manager 
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Provides administrative and technical support and makes recommendations to Lummi Nation policy and legal staff to achieve the Lummi Water Resources Division (LWRD) mission to effectively protect and restore the Lummi Nations water resources, including shorelines, throughout all usual and accustomed grounds and stations to: (1) ensure an adequate quantity and quality of water to support the purpose of the Reservation as a permanent, economically viable homeland for the Lummi People; and (2) ensure an adequate quantity and quality of water to support a sustainable, harvestable surplus of salmon and shellfish sufficient to support the Lummi way of life (Schelangen). Performs the following functions: supervises, trains, and mentors staff; manages the environmental regulatory and analyses functions of the Water Resources division; conducts or coordinates professional hydrologic and biological studies that analyze and assess hydrology, water quality, and stream/wetland resources; performs program planning, grant writing, program and grant administration, budgeting and budget management, and staff management; performs project review; develops draft policies and regulations; provides regulatory assistance; provides project administration and environmental technical assistance for grants and contracts; provides interpretation of policy and technical reports; gathers and analyzes information to assist in developing recommendations and decision-making.

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