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Commissioner Seat D
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The Lummi Law and Justice Commission has been established to develop and monitor the implementation of the operational policies for the Lummi Law & Justice, and Judicial Divisions. The Law and Justice Commission exists to insure and provide for primary law enforcement and judicial services for the safety and protection of the Lummi people consistent with community needs and standards. The law and justice and judicial services provided by the Lummi Indian Nation are available to all Native Americans and other persons, residing, visiting, or in transit across any or all portions of the Lummi Reservation, consistent with Lummi Nation laws, ordinances, and policies. Operational and development policies created for the Lummi Nation law and justice system must be consistent with is service population. The Lummi Law and Justice Commission shall be the advocate to preserve the federal government's trust obligation to provide law enforcement and judicial services for our people as provided in the Treaty of Point Elliot of 1855. This will be accomplished by developing, monitoring, and enforcing policies in coordination with the appropriate LIBC policies. The LIBC operational and development policies insure that professional law enforcement and judicial services are available to all tribal members and enable development of Lummi Nation's law enforcement and justice systems consistent with the Lummi Nation's needs.

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