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Fisheries Technician III

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Fisheries Technician III
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This position serves as the lead fisheries field technician for the Stock Assessment Division within the Lummi Natural Resources Department. Under the supervision of the SA Manager and reporting to senior Fisheries Biologist(s), this position will primarily support field work for key projects including juvenile salmonid monitoring (with rotary smolt traps and beach seines) and adult salmon spawning ground surveys. Other projects may include zooplankton sampling, light trap monitoring, electrofishing, and fishery sampling. Monitoring field work includes deploying net gear and operating rotary smolt traps, in addition to employing fishery sampling techniques such as recording biological data of catch, sampling for otoliths, fin clips, scales and/or CWT’s, and implanting PIT tags or other tagging methods. This position is primarily field-based and will include regular day and night/overnight shifts sometimes including weekends. Work sometimes includes inclement weather conditions and applicant must be able to walk long distances (up to 3-5 miles) across rough terrains and rivers/streams and be able to carry gear weighing 50 lbs. or more. Applicant must be able to write and record data clearly and legibly and prioritize creating and maintaining a safe work environment. Prompt and regular communication with team members while working in the field is expected. The Lummi Indian Business Council provides competitive health, dental, and retirement benefits.

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