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Burn Bans

What is a burn ban?

When fire conditions are extreme due to hot summer weather and low fuel moisture levels, the Natural Resource Department enacts Burn Ban polices within the exterior boundaries of the Lummi Reservation.

What restrictions are in place during a burn ban?

When a burn ban is active, all land clearing and yard debris burning activity must be discontinued. No burning is permitted except for cultural, recreational and camp fires that are no larger than three (3) feet in diameter in enclosures that may consist of cement block, stones, or #10 gauge steel, a minimum of 16”high and open on one side. Material being burned must be firewood or charcoal. Contents must be kept lower than the sidewalls of the enclosure. A substitute enclosure for beach fires may be an 8” deep pit surrounded by 4” high stone walls. The fire enclosure must be at least 20 feet from combustible materials.

A water source (a charged garden hose or (2) 5-Gallon buckets of water) must be available to extinguish fires, and burning shall be done only when calm or light winds do not exceed 7 MPH. All fires must be completely extinguished prior to leaving.

What if I have a burning permit?

Additionally, during a burn ban any approved residential burning permits are suspended and no new burning permits will be issued.


  • Burn bans cover all lands within the exterior boundaries of the Lummi Indian Reservation
  • The ONLY EXCEPTIONS are cultural fires, recreational fires that do not exceed 3 feet in diameter and are built in an enclosure, and burning in a burn barrel with a wire mesh cover as per Lummi Nation Code of Laws Title 18.04.030
  • All land clearing and yard debris burning must be discontinued
  • All burning permits are suspended until the burn ban is lifted
  • Burning bans will be strictly enforced under Lummi Nation Code of Laws Title 10.18.100 — Fire Suppression Authority.

What should I do if I see someone burning during a burn ban?

Please contact Lummi forestry at (360) 312-2325 and Law and Order at (360) 312-2274 to report violations of Burn Ban regulations to ensure the safety of our community.

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