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Working together as one to Preserve, Promote and Protect our Sche Lang en through effective community planning, land use zoning, planning regulation enforcement and construction development balanced with the protection of both culture and natural resources.
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Department Contacts

Planning Administrative Receptionist (360) 312-2399 

 Kirk Vinish, Planning & Public Works Director (360) 312-2340 

 Tim Ellis, Public Works Director(360) 312-2334 

 Diane Bern, DeputyDirector (360)312-2336 

 Priscilla Hillaire,Administrator- (360) 312-6638 

 Gabriel Kamkoff, CodeEnforcement Officer- (360) 389-0148

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Lummi Permits Online

The Lummi Planning Department issues the following types of permits:

  • Lummi Land Use Permit - for any kind of land disturbing or use activity, including clearing, grading, preparation for a home.

  • Lummi Building Permit - for the construction, installation, addition to, or alteration of a home or structure.

  • Lummi Mechanical Permit – for the installation or repair of permanently installed heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems.

  • Lummi Plumbing Permit – for the installation or repair of plumbing systems (replacement fixtures are exempt).

Lummi does not issue Electrical Permits. For an Electrical Permit, contact the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Contact Steve Andringa, the Lummi Forester, to obtain the following permits.

Steve can be reached at (360) 312-2325 or

  • Tree removal permits
  • Firewood cutting permits
  • Burn permits
  • Beachwood gathering permits
  • Staking pole harvesting permits

For more information on permits contact Peter Frye at the Lummi Planning Department at 360-312-2343 or

Click o the link below to apply for a permit or to report a code violation.

For more information on code violations, contact Gabriel Kamkoff at (360) 312-8642 or

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Available Documents

There are 27 documents currently available in the Planning portion of the website.