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Thank you for your interest in an LIBC Information Technology Department Support Technician Internship!

The Information Technology Department offers technology support internships to interested individuals that are currently enrolled in an education program that requires Work Experience, Internship or Capstone Project. Internships are not a permanent assignment, are not full time and the individual will be required to complete an extensive background check in order to receive the necessary security clearances to participate.

Please do the following to get started:

  1. Review the Support Technician Internship Job Description
  2. Prepare a cover letter, resume and goals/objectives document (what you would like to accomplish by the end of your internship and how together we can get you there)
  3. Fill-out the LIBC Job Application
  4. Read and complete the LIBC Volunteer Packet
  5. Examine the Evaluation Form  
  6. Send the documents in PDF format to .
  7. Important: IT will handle the necessary routing of paperwork to LIBC Human Resources.
  8. We will review the documents and contact you.
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