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The Opportunity Zone tax incentive is a powerful tool meant to bring private capital to underserved communities. Governor Inslee nominated tract number 53073940000 in Washington State, which qualifies on both poverty rate and median family income.


In 1986, the Lummi Nation was awarded a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) designation. Since then, the Lummi Nation has owned FTZ #128, one of the only five FTZ's on an Indian Reservation, with two located on the U.S. West Coast. FTZ's allow for the import of foreign goods duty/tariff free. If a pre-described amount of value-added work is performed I the FTZ by American workers, the goods can then be shipped to U.S. markets at a removed or reduced tariff. Because of the reservation's proximity to Canada, the Lummi Nation saw the FTZ as the first step in becoming a regional portal to U.S./Canada trade.



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