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Lummi Counseling Services- Recovery Coaches

2616 Kwina Road

Bellingham, Washington 98226

*Updated November 2023*Updated November 2023

Current Recovery Coaches:

Ashlie BewleyAshlie Bewley

Ashlie Bewley

Phone: (360) 988-3336

I am a tribal member of Lummi Nation, where I was born and raised. My parents are Theresa Serry and Ken Bewley, who have given me the fortune of twelve siblings, and I am a mother to a beautiful young woman, who is my life and greatest teacher. I struggled with addiction for many years until my choices caught up to me, but it was bittersweet transition that saved my life. While I was incarcerated, becoming a recovery coach was my vision and I am extremely grateful to LCS for believing in me and providing me with the opportunity to give back to our people. As a Recovery Coach, we can provide transportation to treatment, detox appointments, etc. Most importantly, we encourage our clients to trust the process of healing; we are here to listen, without judgement. I am honored to have this role within our community. Hy’shqe

Jaclyn Jefferson

Phone: (360) 383-8035

I am a Lummi Tribal member who's been in recovery for 10+ years now. I just want my people to know that recovery is possible, and you are worth it! If you are struggling with addiction, please reach out.

Kristeena JeffersonKristeena Jefferson

Kristeena Jefferson

Phone: (360) 935-1757

Lummi Tribal member, born & raised. I am in recovery nd have almost (4) years clean. I've been a part of the Lummi Counseling/Healing Spirit team for a little over a year now, and I love it! I am a certified Recovery Coach, and I am currently working towards being a peer support counselor.

Joe Morris

Phone: (360) 746-9437


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