Lummi Police Department

Lummi Nation Police Department

The mission of the Lummi Police Department is to provide the finest most appropriate law-enforcement services possible to the Lummi Community and its citizens.
Phone Numbers:
Lummi Police:
Call 911

Lummi Police will strive to promote, enable and preserve the right of the Lummi Community and its people to enjoy high-quality law-enforcement in a timely, cost-effective and accountable manner.

Lummi police and its members are committed to providing law-enforcement services to the community that are responsive, culturally sensitive and respectful of individual and travel rights and sovereignty.

Members of the Lummi police will always strive to provide 'can-do' service whenever possible and to do so in a fair, equitable and consistent manner. Lummi police officers will always perform their duties in an open, helpful and friendly manner that is consistent with the highest standards of excellence.

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