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Shellfish Hatchery

Lummi Shellfish Operations

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Lummi Bay Shellfish Hatchery
Lummi Bay Shellfish Hatchery

Oyster and Manila Clam:
Production of oyster and manila clams for the 2015 enhancement of tribal tidelands is underway.

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Lummi Shellfish Operations truck.
Lummi Shellfish Operations truck.
(Rosario Strait)

  Gooseberry Tides

Data sourced from USDOC/NOAA/NOS/COOPS (Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services Disclaimer: The official Tide and Tidal Current prediction tables are published annually on October 1, for the following calendar year. Tide and Tidal Current predictions generated prior to the publishing date of the official tables are subject to change. The enclosed data are based upon the latest information available as of the date of your request. Tide and Tidal Current predictions generated may differ from the official predictions if information for the station requested has been updated since the publishing date of the official tables. For more information visit NOAA/COOPS website

Available Documents

There is one document currently available in the Shellfish Hatchery portion of the website.