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Timber, Fish, & Wildlife

The mission of the Timber, Fish, and Wildlife (TFW) Program is to identify and address threats to salmon stocks listed under the Endangered Species Act within the Nooksack River Basin.Through participation in the review of actions such as Forest Practice Activities and Road Maintenance and Abandonment Plans, the Program strives to make salmon recovery a reality instead of simply a vision.

TheTFWDepartmentmonitorsForest PracticeActivitiesintheentire Nooksack River Basin. Forest Practices gowaybeyondmerelyloggingand include the following:

  1. ScreenForestPermitApplicationstoensure that natural resources and public safety are protected.
  2. ParticipateonInterDiciplinary(ID)Teams withotherresourceprofessionalstomakeon-the-ground timber and forest road resource management decisions on extremely sensitive sites.
  3. Review Forest Road Maintenance & Abandonment Plans to see that fish passage barriers arecorrectlyidentifiedandrepaired,culvertsare sized properly, and that sediment laden water is not delivered to streams.
  4. Assess stream-type changes proposed by landowners(thatoftenreduceriparianprotection for salmon) to determine fish presence or absence. Fish presence ensures riparian protection upstream as far as fish can penetrate the stream.
  5. ReviewandprovideLummiPolicydecision-makers with technical information to aide in shaping public policy impacting natural resources.
  6. Monitor cumulative impacts of Forest Practices tohelpdetermineifregulationsaresufficientto restoresalmonrunstosustainableandfishable populations.
(Rosario Strait)

  Gooseberry Tides

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