105 (l) Leases
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MISSION: To Preserve, Promote and Protect our Schelangen by providing for the development of the Lummi Community through effective community planning, land use zoning regulation and enforcement. 

Leasing Technicians

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Rachel J Phair PH: 360.380.6652 Email: RachelP@lummi-nsn.gov

What is a 105 (I) Facility Lease?

Section 105 (I) of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Act (25. U.S.C § 5324(1)) provides that Tribes and Tribal Organizations (T/TOs) carrying out Federal functions under a self-determination contract or self governance compact may enter into a lease agreement with Indian Affairs for the tribally owned or rented facility used to carry out those functions

Eligibility Requirements 

Types of Compensation  

Facility Lease Details  

What could the 105(l) funds be used for? 

The lease may compensate the Tribe forthe following costs, excluding duplicate costs.

PL 93-638 Statues 

Solution 2 – Statutory Authority for Leasing of Tribal Facilities PL 93-638 was amended in 1988 to add a new provision as follow: PL 93-638 Statutes “Building Capacity in Indian Country” ™ 10 Section 105(l)(1) provides that, “Upon the request of an Indian tribe or tribal organization, the Secretary shall enter into a lease with the Indian tribe or tribal organization that holds title to, a lease interest in, or a trust interest in, a facility used by the Indian tribe or tribal organization for the administration and delivery of such services under the Act”

Current Accomplishments and What is Next: 

Section105(l) - Tribal Self-Governance (tribalselfgov.org)

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