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What is an NAOB? 

A NAOB is a certified Native American Owned Business. Businesses are classified as a commercial, industrial, or business firm or entity in which 51% or more of the business ownership, management, and control is ran by Native American's.

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NAOB Registration & Certification Process 

A small business that is registered by the State of Washington and the Lummi Nation are eligible to register as a NAOB in the Pacific Northwest Region. In order to become certified, a small business owner must provide a registration packet that is notarized with the following documentation:

  1. Proof of Tribal Enrollment as a United States Federally Recognized Tribe ( Tribal ID Card or Certificate of Indian Birth) 
  2. Copy of your WA State Business License & Lummi Business License (Identifies your business structure) 
  3. Copy of your Professional Liability Insurance Minimum $1 Million Dollars ; (if applicable) 
  4. Copy of your General Liability Insurance Minimum $1 Million Dollars; (Mandatory)
  5. Copy of your automobile Insurance Minimum $1 Million Dollars; (if applicable) 
  6. Professional Portfolio that highlights your company success or if you are a young company career resume highlighting that you are highly qualified for the job. (portfolio/resume should highlight 1) company success, 2) qualifications to do contract jobs as an owner and 3) highlight your staff's qualifications. 
  7. Professional references that can verify the quality of your work and/or  for new business under 36 months years old  business plan and career resume that demonstrates you are able to achieve contract/sub-contract opportunities. 

Certification Application

A TERO Representative will work with you to ensure that you are bringing in appropriate documentation in to platform your business in the best possible way. Once we have all the documents on File and review, we will schedule an appointment with you

Annual Reporting

Lummi T.E.R.O. will ask for a 1 page performance report along with you annual tax filing to keep active certification as an NAOB. Please note: We do verify your business is active with WA Secretary of State and the Lummi Nation Department of Economic Development Re: Small Business Office to ensure that you have an active Lummi Business License as well.

When you keep your file updated with Lummi TERO, it allows our team to better help advocate for you to receive contracts and subcontracts based on good performance reviews.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like help filling our your NAOB Application please feel free to reach out to:


Phone Number: (360) 312-2483

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