Lummi Nation TERO
Main LIBC Line: (360)312-2000
LIBC Emergency Hotline: (360)380-6998

Meet Our TERO Staff


Lummi Nation TERO Director: Teresa Ray Bumatay

TERO Lead Compliance Officer: Lisa Pantalia

TERO Compliance Officer: Kateri Hillaire

Executive Administrator: Maria M. Castillo

Program Coordinator: Coreen Finkbonner

Enrollment Agent 1: Jaydalee Martin

Enrollment Agent 1: Maria Roberts

Front Desk: Geoffrey Julius

Lummi Nation People

We are the Lhaqtemish, “The Lummi People.” We are the survivors of the Great Flood. With a sharpened sense of resilience and tenacity we carry on. We pursue the way of life that our past leaders hope to preserve with the rights reserved by our treaty. We all witness and continue to carry on our Schelangen (way of life). We are fishers, hunters, and gatherers, and harvesters of nature’s abundance and have been since time immemorial. We are the original inhabitants of Washington’s northernmost coast and southern British Columbia known as the Salish Sea. We are the third largest tribe in Washington State serving a population of 5,234 people. We are one of the signatories to the Point Elliot Treaty of 1855. We are a fishing nation and for thousands of years we have worked, flourished and celebrated life on the shores and waters of the Salish Sea.

In 1855, our ancestors signed the Point Elliott Treaty ceding lands to the United States government in exchange for our reservation lands and guarantees to retain the rights to hunt, fish, gather at our usual and accustomed grounds and station and traditional territories. We have exercised these rights since time immemorial and intend to maintain these rights for our children into perpetuity.

We understand the challenge of respecting our traditions while making progress in the modern world. We know we must listen to the wisdom of our ancestors, to care for our lands and waterways, to educate our children, to provide family services, and strengthen our ties with outside communities. We continue to invest in our tribal economic development and training our people to use the most modern technologies available while staying attentive to our tribal values.

We envision our homeland as a place where we enjoy an abundant, safe, and healthy life in mind, body, society, environment, space, time, and spirituality where all are encouraged to succeed and none are left behind.

TERO's Purpose


Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance is a true act of self-determination and self-governance. The decision to enact TERO was established February 13, 1986 by LIBC Resolution. The motion by past leadership was designed to help get our people get into careers that would take care of our families. We plan on achieving these by reaching the following goals.

  1. Support the Ability for Native People to Find Good Jobs. 
  2. Promote Safe and Fair workplaces for all Native Americans. 
  3. Rebuild the Lummi TERO Workforce Solution Opportunities. 

Enrollment Agents and Front Desk

Office kids

Office Hours and Contact

Our hours of operation for TERO are from Monday-Friday 8AM to 4:30 PM. We are closed on all federal holidays. Lummi TERO updates its calendar regularly to inform the Lummi Community and our affiliates with hours of operations and closures. If you are in need of assistance, we encourage you contact us by phone or email.

Phone: (360) 312-2292


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