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Logging into Office 365Logging into Office 365


How do I set up Citrix on my Mac?

How do I enable my Camera and Microphone?

How do I check my Voicemail from Home?

Click Here for more information about Checking your LIBC Voicemail.

Is there a phone number for Office Support?

Evolve 365 - For help with SoftwareEvolve 365 - For help with Software

Call Evolve 365 at 844-502-8808 for help with Office 365, Teams, Outlook, and other Office Software.

How Do I Install Office on my Home Computer or Device?

As an Office 365 User, you may choose to install Office Components onto your Personal Devices in order to more easily make use of their functionality.

Click Here for help in Installation and Troubleshooting of Office 365.

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Intranet Access

LIBC Users that need to access the Intranet from home require a web login. If you need a login to be created, please contact the Help Desk.