CBC Oversight Committees

Commissioner Powers and Duties

Powers and Duties of Commissioners

The Commissioners shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) To make recommendations to the Director of Natural Resources concerning pre-season regulations and to review and provide final approval of these regulations.

(b) To make recommendations on behalf of all fishers to the LIBC concerning changes in the Natural Resources Code and associated regulations, and establishment of taxes and/or fees levied on fishing and hunting activities.
(c) In consultation with the General Membership and the Lummi Natural Resources Department, to develop long term objectives for the production and management of resources for fishing, hunting, and forestry, and the environmental quality required for that production and strategies to achieve these objectives for recommendation to the LIBC for adoption as official Government Policy.

(d) Subject to the approval of the LIBC to represent the Lummi Nation with respect to Fishing and Hunting activities of Lummi Citizens in intertribal, federal, state, and international co-management meetings, and when specifically asked to do so by the LIBC to represent the Lummi Nation in areas peripherally impacting these fishing and hunting activities.

(e) To make recommendations to LIBC on behalf of the General Membership concerning actions by the Council or other governmental agencies affecting Lummi fishers and hunters.

(f) To make recommendations to the LIBC and its senior staff concerning the operations of the Lummi Natural Resources Department and the performance of its Director, with respect to budget requirements and efficiency of program implementation.

(g) To receive and expend funds appropriated for Commission use by the LIBC, to develop a program, prepare a budget (subject to approval of the LIBC in accordance with the Tribal Budget Ordinance) and supervise the implementation of the program to identify fishing and hunting objectives, develop policy and strategy to achieve these objectives, and present this policy to appropriate levels of county, state, federal, and Tribal governments.

(h) To identify specific tasks for execution by Commissioners and levels of compensation for the execution of such tasks all in accordance with LIBC Personnel Policies, except when the Commission determines that necessary representation during a fisheries opening that will result in a loss to the Commissioner, compensation may be related to the expected loss of fishing revenue.

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